1. Wedding photography - for package details & pricing, please click  Go To Wedding Photography & Videography Package
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Videography (Video shooting)
  1. Wedding photography - for package details & pricing, please click Go To Wedding Photography & Videography Package
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  1. For package details & pricing, please ask for quotation

If you like our pictures, Please feel free to ask for information under message box or contact us by email or phone call. We knew that the wedding date is so important to you. So, we are offering 100% return policy, we will refund every single cents if you do not satisfy our services.
We also have customer refer program. If you are our previous customer, you will entitled to earn 10 percent of the bonus if the deal is clinched successfully. You will also get 10 percent discount for other service if you are our previous customer.
如果你喜欢我们的照片,欢迎留言在信息框或与我们联系. 我们知道这日子对你来说有多么的重要。所以,我们甚至提供现金保证退还100%,如果拍摄的照片是不符合您的标准。
我们也有客户回馈计划。如果您是我们以前的客户,成功介绍生意, 你将有权获得百分之十的佣金。如果您是我们以前的客户,您也将获得10巴仙折扣优惠于其他服务。