Why Us

We understand the difficulties you will go thru during the preparation of wedding ceremony, event organizing and product offering process. Our customer and friends did share the valuable lesson with us. You like to capture a lot of beautiful pictures either for your personal needs or commercial purpose. But you need someone who can take excellent pictures and you have a lot of concern about the cost!!! Moreover, there are details cannot be neglected, and you do not know what is more important. Maybe you need us; a solution provider that could keep you away from those troubles. Our solutions for you:

Highest quality – We have years of experience in photography and videography. All the clear pictures will be taken with professional SLR camera and HD camcorder,  edited in professional software, Photoshop and Apple video software, to achieve the best effect. We have pictures that speak for themselves!!!

Most affordable cost – No compromise on picture quality, we am sure our charges will be one of the most affordable in the town. Start to compare today!!!

Easiest way – We like to share experience and provide advices before your big days. On your wedding days, we even provide tips and guideline to help you cope with tiny wedding details. To save your hassle, we offer packages that should able to serve most of the public requirement and also customized packages for your unique requirement!

To maximise the value for the money you paid, we offer additional 3 bonus feature!!! 
Do not limit the number of shot, will deliver all the softcopy taken by photographer
If there is any mistake made by photographer (such as fail to attend, camera equipment failure and picture missing), all fee will be returned



最高品质 - 我们有摄影经验。所有的清晰图片将采用专业单反相机和编辑,以达到最好的效果。我们的画廊图片可以证明!我们不限制图片数量,因此你总是可以找到最好的照片!

最低的成本 - 我们深信我们的收费将是令人难以置信, 而且是最低水平。您可 即可要求报价,并开始比较!

最简单的方法 - 我们将分享经验,引导你的需要。我们提供的配套,应该能够满足多数顾客的需求。如果您要求的更多,我们可以为您提供更多的附加功能。如果你对价钱有所顾虑,我们甚至可以为您提供最基本的!